Ottawa Children's Garden

Visiting the garden


Nature is a great place to develop social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. The best way to experience nature is through exploration, observation, discovery, and attention to details, all stimulated by the senses! While visiting the garden make sure to guide your children and help them explore all of their senses.


You can find many fragrances in the garden. Make sure you check out our herb spiral and smell the lavender and mint. Do all flowers smell the same? Who likes the smell of a tomato plant? Or the compost?!


Need we say more? Yum! From zucchinis to tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, grapes, and strawberries, there are many things to be sampled. There are many different tastes in the garden. Which vegetables are sour? Is all fruit sweet? There is only one way to find out!


Living in the city can be noisy, but if we pay close attention we notice that the garden has its own soundtrack. Do you hear the noise the bees make in the flowers? Can you hear birds or squirrels? Do your feet make noise walking on the leaves?


Encourage your child to gently touch the new growth, the dying plants, to go ahead and get dirty. Some plants are rough, some are soft, some are fuzzy and others smooth or bumpy. How does the tree bark feel? What about the sand, or the hay bales?


There is so much to see in the garden! From squirrels running by the back fence to birds in the trees, ladybugs on the ground, colourful flowers, budding leaves, and ripe corn. How many yellow things are in the garden today? How many round circles are there?